Hi, I'm Lisa

I'm a soil building cultivator, folk herbalist, researcher, writer, maker, and caregiver. My work is based around the principle that proper education teaches respect. With that respect, we practice conscious consumption. With conscious consumption, we heal.


Born and raised in Pennsylvania, my initiation into plant medicine began in January 2014, when I moved to California following the incomplete paralysis of a loved one in a motorcycle accident and, under the compassionate laws of California's Prop 215, I began cultivating Cannabis in June 2015. I began by learning about how to use Cannabis in the kitchen. It was on my second round of infusions that I discovered the liquid gold that is topical Cannabis. 


I should have realized what I was getting into, choosing CAR+E as an acronym for Cannabis Apothecary Research and Education, but sometimes Divine intervention masks itself as a stoner idea. Soon after learning that I could use topical cannabis to treat my partner's intense muscle spasms, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis + Gastritis, Due to insurance issues, I spent months suffering with proper diagnosis or treatment. and it was then that I dove deep into learning about the healing properties of Cannabis.

Prior to January 2018, when Prop 64 replaced Prop 215, I focused on providing personalized medication for chronically ill patients. I provided the medicine free of charge, and in exchange my patients gave me invaluable feedback - free to say what works and what didn't, specific as to what changes they were willing to try.

My current work focuses on patient advocacy and Cannabis education, with a focus on keeping this medicine in the hands of the people.