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It's like the package your Mom sent during finals week,

except better.

In simpler times, a care package was sent to friends and family as a way of showing someone you cared - most often during times of sickness and distress, although at times in celebration.

Keeping with its history, our monthly CARE Package provides you with a monthly supply of the medicine you need, There are two subscriptions options to choose from - explorative and medicinal.  

The explorative subscription is best thought of as a Community Supported Cannabis Herbalism share. Pick a frequency, from every month to twice a year, and in exchange you'll receive cannabinoid rich, seasonal herbal preparations. Each offering is lovingly crafted to offer full spectrum Cannabis preparations in combination with both cultivated and mindfully wildcrafted plants. Additionally, you can opt to receive materials + instructions to curate your own cannabis apothecary. 

The medicinal subscription is for patients that use Cannabis to control a debilitating condition. This subscription aims to provide a month-long supply of cannabinoid therapy in a cost effective manner. We know how expensive treating serious medical conditions with Cannabis can get, and by offering a subscription based service we are able to keep our prices at-cost for patients. Subscription requires intake interviewprice dependent on need.

For the time being, we are only able to provide for California Prop 215 patients, To join CAR+E Apothecary, please click here to register with us. If you are a California resident, but need a doctor's reccomendation, we suggest EazeMD

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