Let's Be Honest

For new and experienced patients alike, beginning a Cannabis regiment to

assist in chronic illness management is often an intimidating process. 

In a growing number of progressive states, medical and recreational dispensaries carry a variety of products to try, 

at steep prices that leave little room for error with no return policies.

For patients living in prohibition, it may seem that options are limited to sandwich bags of nameless strains. 


You want to heal with Cannabis - but, how?

Cannabis, personalized.

Combining a deep knowledge of the Endocannabinoid System, 

with traditional healing modalities - including Ayurveda, Herbalism, and Energy medicine, 

we approach your health concerns from a holistic standpoint, working one-on-one with you to dissect your current

 medical issues and the legalities of your Cannabis regiment, to find the optimal treatment options that

 fit your needs, lifestyle and wallet.

A different approach to

Cannabis Consultations


1 hour initial consultation 

personalized Cannabis protocol

recipe and guide book on how to make your own medicine

utilizing what's available for you, legal or black market**



how to find your optimal dose

in-depth analysis as to which delivery methods are best for your specific symptoms 

which cannabinoids - and at what ratio - to work with

suggested daily medicating schedule 


supplemental nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to support your healing.


tips on identifying/choosing what type of plant material to work with,

tips on what to avoid when choosing starting materials, 

how to utilize multiple cannabinoids from one single Cannabis base,

how to decarboxylate


a personalized recipe book of DIY Cannabis Herbal products formulated

specifically for your needs!


$150 USD

We are deeply committed to helping patients heal themselves with the magic of plants.

As such, all services are available on a sliding scale basis.

We appreciate honesty on your part as to what you are able to offer,

but would never withhold knowledge about healing due to lack of funds.

Cannabis is expensive medicine as it is - please contact us today to discuss working together​.

**While we find current prohibition laws to be archaic and close minded, we do live in a police state, and as such cannot legally suggest you embark on an illegal journey. By purchasing this consultation, you release CARE Farmacy of any responsibilities associated with decisions you make in regards to treating your health where Cannabis is prohibited. We understand the dire situations certain medical conditions place on patients, and provide this package as a means of guidance to those who don't know where to turn. We cannot provide you with access to Cannabis material, nor can we help you source it locally.