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  1. the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations


Bring back the days when mystery schools were free for the chosen,

for the space holders and time keepers,

and those that ride with Persephone to Hades.
For those who’ve seen the fragmentation of reality,

and know the red silk string that quilts it back together -

thread as axis, Earth below and Heavens above.
For those with the undying urge to understand.
For Seshat and Shiva, Buddha and Freya -

mixing mythos the way blood has mixed for millennia.
Attempted deviations from the path
just to realize all paths lead back to One.
For watered down Catholicism parading as Christianity,

the Pharisees who accused Jesus

of healing in Satan’s name (Matt 12:22-28)

and the modern day evangelicals still doing the same.
For the witches that burned at their hands.
For Thecla and the Mary's, and the Marriage at Cana

(lest we forget the first miracle was to keep the party going).
For the Kapnobatai: those who walk in smoke,
and the ancestors whose knowledge went up in it.
For the niote, the future.
For Oṣadhī, the plants who are teachers.

For those who know there’s meaning
between the lines of these words;

most specifically those who cannot yet see

but have ears to hear.

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