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Healing with


Browse through our available online classes and blog
to learn about creating your own personalized
Cannabis medicine at home.
For one-on-one direction, view our consultation offering
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Healing with Cannabis!

Interested in Hosting a Class?

While online classes are an excellent option for education from a distance,

we believe a lot of people learn better through in person demonstrations.

Live classes with hands-on experiences lessen stigmas and remove the intimidation

that often comes with beginning to make one's own Cannabis medicine. 

We are available for travel to teach at dispensaries, events, and private residences.

Due to federal - and often state - regulations, we are NOT able to provide materials

that contains THC for these events - as such they will be held as BYOW, pertinent to local legislation. 

If legal access to material containing THC is not available, the class will utilize Hemp

categorized Cannabis & CBD in place of THC- as the process remains the same.


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