At CARE, we think you should know your medicine. You should know who and where it is coming from. You should able to ask how it is grown and how it is processed. You should be able to receive medicine specific to your condition, needs, and lifestyle. That’s exactly what we aim to provide.


All CARE products are made with both fresh and dried whole-plant Cannabis (flowers and leaves)grown organically on our farm in Santa Cruz, CA. We focus on all natural extraction methods, using only the highest grade, organic materials - primarily grain alcohol and nut or seed oils.

Accessibility to proper medicine is important to us. In addition to our tried-and-true formulas, we offer symptom-specific made-to-order items as part of our research initiative. We'll work with you to figure out the best formula and method of cannabinoid delivery specific to your condition, at highly discounted rates, in exchange for feedback on effectiveness. 


We know treatment of chronic illnesses with Cannabis can be both overwhelming and, over time, quite expensive. We are dedicated to working with patients to figure out the best way to provide the care you need within your monetary restrictions