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Pennsylvania is where we're from, it's in our blood.

The people of this state are the people we love.

The people of this state deserve this medicine.



  • Ensure that all qualifying patients, especially those in underserved communities, have access to recommending doctors. 

  • Advocate for leading university hospitals to have at least one staffed doctor dedicated to reviewing cases and making PA MMJ recommendations on behalf of the entire body of patients. 

  • Ensure the program-required Cannabis concentrates are obtained by safe, organic extraction processes that pay mind to the importance of natural terpenes.

  • Ensure that concentrates are derived from Cannabis grown utilizing sustainable and renewable cultivation techniques as to provide the highest quality medicine.

  • Ensure that all Cannabis products are lab tested, falling within the margins allowed as stated in Berkeley Municipal Code § 12.27.070,  the strictest lab testing requirements in the country

  • Advocate in Harrisburg for the inclusion of additional chronic conditions in which Cannabis has been proven therapeutic, outside the sixteen currently covered in the program.

  • Advocate for the inclusion of flower, edibles and small home grows for diagnosed patients. We firmly believe the inclusion of flower and edibles provide patients with safer, easier options than a program in which these forms of therapy are banned. Additionally, a small home grow would provide patients with lifelong diseases cost effective access to the medicine they need.

  • Advocate to extend Safe Harbor protections, which currently only protects childhood use, to include adult use, should the state fail to be able to provide adequate options and dosages necessary for an individual's condition. 


  • Change the stigma surrounding Cannabis use in Pennsylvania. In a state where opiates are severely over prescribed and abused, Cannabis offers a safe alternative. It's time to change the conversation as to which is more dangerous. 

  • Educate on the functional use of Cannabinoid Therapies. "Getting high" is no longer a requirement when using Cannabis as medicine. Educational outreach programs aim to help patients make informed choices, that increase their quality of life without harm to their lifestyle.

  • Educate on the use of Cannabis as a replacement for opiates, and its use as a potential therapy in the withdrawal from opiates. 

  • Help Pennsylvania patients understand their options, by acting as a liaison between the grow/processors, dispensaries, and patients to identify the companies providing products that are not only top tier, but financially accessible as well. 

  • Bring health back into the hands of the Patient. This includes highlighting alternative therapies that are complementary to Cannabinoid therapies, and educating on how to incorporate these practices in a holistic approach to health.

  • Provide education and workshops that detail how to work with concentrates. At the current time, flower and edibles have been excluded from the list of Cannabis therapies that will be available in Pennsylvania. We aim to be a resource on how to get the best bang-for-your-buck within the guidelines of the current program, by educating on proper decarboxylation methods to obtain various cannabinoids, proper dosing, and how to make your own assortment of products. 


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