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Cannabis Tea

This brew is Catnip, Rose and Gorilla Glue + a day-long sun infusion of Lemon Balm and Calendula. I don’t worry about decarbing the Cannabis first for tea blends as I’m inclined to believe a fair amount of decarb happens naturally as the boiling water washes through the plant matter. The temps don’t exactly line up, but entourage effect is key in my book and so I’m happy with a blend of THCa and THC. Plus, I’ve never not felt the effects of THC, nor have I witnessed anyone I’ve brewed a mug for experience sobriety for long after they drink it. Fun fact: if you visit my house I will, on the low, turn you into a scientific experiment. No harm, just high.

To make your own Cannabis tea:

As water is heating, place Cannabis and desired herbs in the mug/pot you’ll be steeping them in and cover with honey.

Pour boiling water over the honeyed herbs and cover to trap the steam in while they steep. If you’re using an already bagged tea, only cover the Cannabis with honey and add the tea bags post adding the water.

Let steep 10-15 minutes.

Adding in a cannabinoid carrier, such as a fat base (milk, butter, coconut oil) or alcohol has been suggested to help with transportation & absorption rates, but I’ve had success with just honey when I didn’t have those on hand. If the carrier addition isn’t an insult to how you take your tea, add it in to your steeping herbs before you strain them so that it passes through and washes any remaining cannabinoids from the bud. Strain and drink up.

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