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CBN: the “you f*cked up but it’s okay” cannabinoid. . . 10% less psychoactive than THC, CBN is the cannabinoid that occurs when THC starts to break down, be it by age or in this case, heat. Why is it good? CBN favors connecting to CB2 receptors - the ones found in higher concentrations throughout the body, especially on cells originating from an immune response. CBN is a dream girl for couch lock lovers - no joke, you feel like you’re floating. Don’t let that “less psychoactive” fool you though - the intense body high lends itself to what CBN is best known for: deep sleep. As in, it’s kindof REALLY hard not to get lost in the float and miss out on half a day. Of course, you could always be responsible and take CBN an hour before your bed time but I mean, who wants to adult anyways?

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