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Medicinal Cacao Smoothie

FEEL GOOD TASTE GOOD SMOOTHIE for when your immune system needs a boost but you want it to taste like ice cream.

Prep | combine in a glass ~ ½ - 1 TBSP non-decarbed, roughly broken up Cannabis + ½ tbsp @dragonflyearthmedicine Herbal Essential Cocoa + 6oz hot water, set aside while prepping other ingredients.

Blend | banana + peanut butter + @gardenoflife raw protein & greens + hemp powder + hemp seeds + cacao nibs + Herbal Essential Cocoa + ice .

Make Better | add tincture + natural sweetener of choice ([medicated] honey or pure maple syrup) and blend again.

If you also have weird kitchen gadgets you can top with some frothed milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon, or don’t - it’s just as good.

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