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Mixing Cannabinoids | Smoking

I’ve got a bit of an obsession with mixing cannabinoids. From the start I knew I wanted my medicines to embody as many aspects of Cannabis’ healing properties as possible, utilizing THCa for anti-inflammatory properties, THC for pain relief, CBN for deep muscle relaxation (it’s also the sleep cannabinoid, so I use it sparingly) and CBD to balance and extend the effects. To be honest though, I didn’t realize just how necessary the CBD part is until that time I almost KOed on a high dosage of a gluten-filled edible and used excessive amounts of CBD to bring my high down a few levels.

CBD has this really interesting way of taking the edge off a high while simultaneously extending it, which makes adding it to everything in my daily regimen my new favorite thing. Because it moderates the connection between THC and CB1 receptors in the brain, CBD can negate the peak of psychoactivity some users experience with high THC strains, providing a gentle, stable and sustained high. The extra cool thing about CBD is that just as it interferes with THC’s binding abilities, CBD interferes with the process that controls our body’s production and breakdown of its own endocannabinoids - specifically the THC-like molecule, Anandamide. This interference stimulates the brain to produce more Anandamide, creating a supply that thereby supplements and extending your high. . Before you roll up next time, grab some CBD-rich bud, mix it with your favorite THC strain, and take note of how the addition changes your experience.

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