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Ode to Plant Medicine

I wasn’t expecting working with plants to change me. I didn’t know I needed to change. The thing is, working with plants is more than it reads - it’s more than just salves and tinctures and teas. It’s love and intention and a pure desire to heal the vast pain of the world in the smallest of ways. It’s dropping out to drop in, and feeling the heartbeat of Earth. It’s the calmness in the approach of and recovery from life’s rapids. Plant Medicine is more than just energetic actions and corresponding organs, it’s a familiar hand to hold when there’s nothing left to grasp. With every dug up root a story is revealed, trauma buried somewhere along the timeline of your life or your bloods.

Plant Medicine is soul to soul healing. It connects you to that and those beyond you. When you hold a dropper of crafted medicine, know that you’re holding a piece of the maker - a dream, a lesson, a shadow, a story - in your hand. This work isn’t easy. It requires brutal honesty and breaking down to build back up. It takes discipline and bravery and so much fucking trust in both what you know and what you don’t. But if you trust, it’ll give you so much more in return.

The plants bring you back to child’s play, teach you how to fall in love again. The almost silent sound of a soft breeze caressing leaves as it passes through, that’s love. The way oats sway in a feather like float when past their milky stage, that’s love. The prayerful fans of a Cannabis plant, standing tall every morning, following the Sun’s path in dedicated gratitude, that’s love. .

Trust in love.

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