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Stoner Ideas

Recently a new friend, experiencing trimming for the first time, mused over the journey of a bud. As cultivators, we’re the lucky ones - we get to watch a plant grow from seed to tree and we get to see the energy exchange it requires for her to bare fruit. We get to breathe in her living presence as her aroma grows stronger with each day in flower, and we get to appreciate how a proper dry and cure preserves her essence long past being separated from her roots. We’re the ones that know the feeling of peeling back sugar leaves, revealing the glistening nugget wrapped within, much akin to opening presents on a holiday morning. [Stop stink facing me everyone that spends weeks without end trimming, you still remember that first time.] . . At first I laughed at him - he did have an empty mug of what had been Cannabis tea in his hand after all. As he kept going though, my own tea kicked in, and one thing he said has stuck with me, now weeks later. “What kind of idea do you think it will inspire?” he asked, holding a freshly trimmed bud up to the light, unknowingly sparking a mother of a stoner idea with his innocent questioning of stoner ideas. Can I say stoner idea one more time because it may be the best two word combination out there. Stoner ideas aren’t just ideas you think of when your THC levels are through the roof, oh no. Stoner ideas are ideas that are so damn good, you know you didn’t think of them on your own. We’ve all had them - bonus points if you took concern to remember it past your high. CARE is my greatest stoner idea to date: name, mission, and all social media/contact handles came together in one night of stoned intention, but that’s a story for another day. . . Fair warning, stoner ideas for me have always been rabbit holes, which is exactly what this stoner idea about stoner ideas could easily turn into. I'm just saying, the reach of "stoner ideas" - from those that have no concept of plant medicine, to recreational users who argue that all Cannabis use is the same, to the artist that uses her to inspire - every one has experienced them. . Full disclosure, I‘m a first grade Sunday school dropout, so talking about things like Divine intervention still make me side glance myself, but honestly - what better representation of Plant Spirit and the power it holds than the phenomenon of stoner ideas? There is no meditation required to receive her messages, although we could obviously debate the state of being stoned as meditative in its own right.

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