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Understanding Dosing | Smoking

cannabis plant

Inhalation, whether through smoking or vaping, is by far the quickest method of delivery. Within minutes, the THC has been absorbed into your bloodstream, crossed the blood-brain barrier, connected to CB1 receptors, and you’re feelin’ it. When you know the contents of what you’re smoking, it’s easier to pay attention to what your ideal dosage is - something that can come in handy when you’re working with tinctures or edibles. .

These @lolalolalive pre-rolls of #BigSurHolyWeed tested at 14.8% THC. Middle school science taught us that per gram there are 1,000 milligrams, so at 14.8% THC per gram, this flower contains 148mg THC per gram. Each pre-roll (they come in sets of 3) holds half a gram, so each pre-roll is 74mg THC. Knowing this, you can pay attention to how much you need to smoke to achieve your desired results. If you’re good after half the joint, 37mg THC is your sweet spot.

It’s super important to remember that our body processes edibles and inhaled Cannabis very differently. When you smoke her, the THCa in the flower converts to delta-9-THC which is the cannabinoid that binds with receptors in the brain. When you ingest Cannabis, your liver converts the already activated delta-9-THC to delta-11-THC. Delta-11-THC has an easier time crossing the blood-brain barrier, resulting in a stronger and longer high versus smoking. Take this into consideration if you’re still trying to find your ideal dosage for internal preparations, and scale down your milligrams by a half or third. I always suggest working with her medicine internally in the evening when you don’t have any big plans.

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