A Bit About Me

If you’re new around here, I’m Lisa. I’m a retired e-comm stylist who moved from Philly to Cali in January 2014, after my partner (P) was paralyzed (C5-C7 incomplete) in a motorcycle accident.

Thanks to the compassion written into #Prop215, cultivating gave me the financial ability to be at home while we relearned life in the early years after his accident.

In truth, I don’t think anyone who’s known me in IRL ever pictured me here – loving on soil to grow plants that transform into medicine. I certainly hadn’t pictured it for myself, but there are a few distinct reasons I’m here, writing this now. Being raised in prohibition had its impact on me - I wasn’t exactly excited about my new career. They say knowledge is the best defense against fear, and so I started asking questions. Google questions, that is, and I didn’t learn very much. My degree is in long format journalism, making me a professional creep, so when Google wasn’t giving me answers, I took matters into my own hands. Long story short, if you read something here that makes you go “huh?”…ask! I save all my sources, and all my sources are reliable. #nofakenews Shortly after embarking on this journey, in the midst of straining a coconut oil infusion, I realized that topical Cannabis had the ability to completely counter the extreme muscle spasms P was experiencing. Amazed, I started looking into what other plants could help too and unknowingly fell down the herbalism rabbit hole. A few months later I developed #UlcerativeColitis with #Gastritis, which basically means my immune system, when triggered by anxiety or certain foods, views my nutrition as poison and causes my GI to inflame to avoid the “poison” from being digested. After months of allopathic medicine failing, hungry and in pain, I burrowed further into the rabbit hole and never looked back. Herbalism’s cross application between mammals and garden gave me the ability to bring my practice full circle. I know the “green rush” is a *thing* but its not one I’ve personally experienced. To be able to feed and grow my girls with good soil and inputs I make, and then transform them after harvest into medicines that heal myself and the people I love, is not only empowering – it is the only way I’m able to sustain my healing. The chronically ill community – those that Cannabis movement was meant to serve – are often those facing the worst financial hardships, yet our cost to access is through the roof. That’s why I make my own products, and why you should too. Even if you can’t legally grow your own, you can take dried flower or a a gram of concentrate, and transform it into multiple, highly effective medicines and save hundreds of dollars while you do.