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Another Day, Another Cannabis Tea

Today’s national overdose awareness day. I was gonna roll a joint for every ex-classmate that’s passed ODing, but that got morbid and no one I asked could agree on a count. Northeast USA y’all. By the time I smoked my first joint at 17, I had been popping percs daily for 2 years. Turns out I spent an entire year with a broken arm that never healed after surgery. By the time I replaced pills with plants entirely, I had permanent nerve damage from my elbow to wrist. The unlimited prescription wasn’t worth it. Cannabis herbalism can be as intricate or as easy as you want it to be and this super easy weed tea has been my go to the last two days as I battle a Crohn's flare.

While the water is heating, break up Cannabis into mug or ball jar if you’ve got one.

Coat Cannabis with sticky/fatty substance of choice (milk/honey/both) and crush and mix around.

(I’ve been doing coconut milk (the can kind), putting the lid on the jar and shaking.)

Brew tea (I used Celestial Tea Organic Ginger Turmeric tea bags) in the pot of boiling water, continuing to shake/crushmix the cannabis jar.

Once the tea is brewed, combine the two, mix well, and strain out Cannabis. Head wise the effects of this tea preparation are subtle because it’s primarily THCa. Water boils at 212*F, with THCa’s boiling point at 220*F (according to Steep Hill Labs) so by letting the water cool off a bit as the regular tea brews, you preserve the non psychoactive qualities of THCa. I’ve surprisingly never made THC tea because I don’t tend to keep decarbed Cannabis on hand, but you could definitely use it in the same manner for a heavy chill session. Also optional: adding THC infused honey.

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