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Cannabis + Energetic Release

Energetically speaking, one of Cannabis’ greatest gifts to mankind is her ability to help us let go of things that aren’t serving our higher self. Every stoner knows Mama Ganja’s boss at helping us release the bullshit because we’ve all packed a bowl in frustration two minutes after getting home from a bad day and been like, “Becky who?”.

This isn’t to be confused with escapism, since in appropriate doses Cannabis enhances the senses, only numbing things that often cloud our perception, like pain and anxiety. Cannabis doesn’t make problems disappear, it just creates space to focus on what matters over what doesn’t, and as a society that loves to obsess over non-problems…that’s a pretty big deal. Smoking a J won’t make you forget you just lost your job, but it might inspire you to look down a different path in search of a new one. One way our ancestors used Cannabis in this way was in letting go of their loved ones - her aid being called on in death rituals around the world. Time has preserved this sacred connection through the imagery of the Grimm Reaper, shown holding a scythe. While the true origin of the scythe is debated, it has been suggested that the Scythians - an ancient nomadic group responsible for mounted warfare, fine metal working, and the establishment of the Silk Road, a trade route connecting present day Europe with Asia (to name a few things) - are the originators. The Scythians were one of the first known cultures to cultivate Ganja in the Steppes of Ancient China, and their use of her in their death rituals was documented by Greek historian Herodotus, who in 430 BC wrote of how they’d cleanse themselves in smoke filled tents after burying their own. Wikipedia says the Romans invented it. I’m just saying, Scythian…scythe… Scientifically, the idea that Cannabis can help us let go of the bullshit can be backed by citing the effects THC has on the creation and storage of short term memories - which it does affect. Long term memory is unaffected, and studies have shown that STM returns to normal function relatively shortly after disuse. This effect is rarely detrimental (aside from maybe forgetting about that serious munchie craving the next time you’re at the grocery store), but it can be mitigated by paying attention to both dosage and cannabinoid profile. Microdosing (IMO 3-5mg active THC for newbs, 5-15mg for pros) and utilizing CBD with your THC are two ways to alleviate feelings of “brain fog” - just remember the higher the ratio of CBD:THC, the less psychoactive. I explain this more in an older post, lmk if you want a tag.

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