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Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

strain: golden state banana 10g decarbed trim 4g cured (not decarbed) trim .5g CBD isolate 1c coconut oil 2T sunflower lecithin Working with trim at an estimated 10% THC(a) per gram, this lil baby jar is packing roughly 1,000mg THC and 400mg THCa. That breaks down to 125mg THC/50mg THCa per oz, or 5mg THC/2mg THCa per mL. If you were to work with flower that tests at twice the potency (20%), you could make the same strength infusion with 5g decarbed bud / 2g cured. There’s a lotttt to be said about working with concentrates, but for the purpose of this post - you get a solid bang for your buck. CBD isolate tests at 99% CBD, meaning that half gram added 445mg CBD to the jar - making for a rough ratio of 2:1:1 THC:THCa:CBD. Potential Uses: capsules, bath bombs, edibles, topicals, coconut pulling (sublingual absorption - yes I’ve tried it/yes it works/yes it’s awful/yes it’s worth it) and any other application you use coconut oil or butter (it’s a good substitute in cooking) for. Point: dedicating two ounces infused oil to each DIY project, you could potentially make 4 high potency, multi-cannabinoid products (that would cost ~$40-60 each) for the price of a quarter of midshelf flower, which shouldn’t be more than $100, dispensary or not. Black market bud tests on average around 15% THC(a) so ask your homie to throw some shake on top for ya. Final point: Cannabis medicine can be both customizable and affordable no matter what your access. Take responsibility, learn and heal yourself.

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