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CBD Isn't a Guaranteed Cure All

REPOSTING THIS CRYSTALLINE CBD ISOLATE FROM LAST YEAR cause I wasn’t planning on posting today but everywhere I click its fake Cannabis news and yes there’s a lot of real news happening right now that I’m facepalming about also but for the last time CBD does NOT interact with CB receptors. Doesn’t fit CB1. Doesn’t fit CB2. It’s not the key to the receptors on your nerve cells that’s going to switch them to off and stop the pain signals from firing to your brain for help. It’s just not. . That’s either going to be THCa/THC/CBN OR the endocannabinoids your body makes on it’s own (anandamide + 2-ag). CBD HELPS BY STALLING FATTY ACID AMIDE HYDROLASE from breaking down the endo/phyto cannabinoids at receptors site, allowing the body more time to utilize and produce its own supply. This is great if your body needs a little boost, not so great if you’re 29 and learned about self care and Saturn Returns at the same damn time. . Do my sanity a favor? Be proactive about your Cannabis education AND product sourcing. It’s really easy to take that isolate, crush it, infuse it and sell it for 5x the starting cost. Support people who have endured blood, sweat and tears - or at least the headaches research journals cause. Click the link in my bio for tips on recognizing good vs. bad Cannabis resources, and if ya have a friend that raves about CBD but has no clue how it works, tag them below. . IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS LMK LETS STOP THIS FLOW OF MISINFORMATION PLEASE/THANKS

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