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Combating Mini Flares

Late night post brought to you by soy being in every American store bought BBQ sauce around. Someone please prove me wrong, otherwise look forward to a Cannabis infused version soon because it basically feels like I drank lighter fluid. Hope none of y’all know the feeling I’m talking about. #fuckcrohns I tend to second guess myself making these posts, because this is the part where the research ends and it’s speaking on experience - and as a facts obsessed person, it’s just…throat chakra opening shit, which is a work in progress. Also there’s just a lot of variables/things to say when it comes to Cannabis medicine so if you’re dealing with something for realz hit the website contact to chat. Anyways there’s a super logical reason I suggest drinking cannabinoids for lower GI issues, being that the main job of the large intestine is to absorb (remove) water from the digestive tract. The tissues of the large intestine are filled with CB2 receptors, ready to interact with cannabinoids in the water it’s absorbing. Verifiable information it’s not, but it makes sense + it helps me harm, no foul, at worst ya get high. Verifiable info: CBN capsule because the cannabinoid has a preference for CB2 receptors + promotes deep sleep which is thumbs up for healing, and a full spectrum capsule (4mg THC, 4mg CBD, 2 mg THCa) because gardens don’t understand sick days (though they are certainly supportive on them 💚). Final note: this is clearly not a micro dose and would not be what anyone recommends to a novice ever. I know my body eerily well, and I know what I’m feeling isn’t a micro dose of my immune system fighting my digestive system. In my experience, necessary dosage is proportionate to level of dysfunction and there have definitely been times where falling short of that balance gives no relief. Any other #chronicallyill Cannabis patients have similar experiences? I’d love to hear about it! PS apologies in advance to my neighbors if I sleep through the goat’s ”we’re hungry” alarm. If I do, it means this worked. PPS everything in this post is psychoactive

#cannabistea #ulcerativecolitis #crohns #weedtea

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