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Garden Sun Tea

You ever have one of those mornings, where you wake up and your body is already buzzing? Podcasting while deleafing is a dangerous combination, and I’ve been digging into #HumanDesign lately, with a hefty side of Free + Native work. There have definitely been a lot of “oooh, fuck, that’s me” moments. On a similar note, Aquarius Nation is normally pretty spot on predicting when a day’s gonna be shit, and today’s to be one of these “test” days the latter two often talk about, and getting through it is all about dealing with what comes your way differently than you have in similar situations previously. All this to say…I’M PREPARED THIS TIME UNIVERSE. Tulsi, Catnip, and *lower buds* from a *flowering* Cookie Glue plant, fresh picked from the garden for a gentle sun tea to soften the day. The process is pretty simple – I’ll rough chop these into a mason jar, add honey and mush around a bit, fill the jar with water and leave it in a sunny spot during morning chores. I’m not using any direct heat (or hot water) because Cookie Glue is a cross between #GSC (formerly #GirlScoutCookies) and GG#4 (formerly #GorillaGlue) and that’s a go-to-sleep strain. Didn’t realize until writing this what a trademark stricken strain she is, but either way – her THC-terpene combination is one I’d rather keep acidic. Hot water = chance of decarb = THC. Cold water + *flowering* fresh cannabis = THCa. Shake the jar up as every once in a while as the herbs as steeping, stealing sips whenever. Strain plant matter, keep it in, whatever. If you’re a milk in your tea person (dairy or alt), the fats will give the cannabinoids an extra something to “stick to” minimizing the chance the end up stuck to your glass.

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