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Microdose Capsules

TBH I’m having mixed feelings about these capsules. I used trim to infuse the coconut oil for them, which makes them ultra low dose. Using the same amount of coconut oil, actual buds would have made the capsules ~twice as strong, and using a concentrate would have made them ~5-9x stronger, depending on the concentrate type/potency. As a multi-purpose infused oil, trim was cool; but these size 0 capsules only fit .5ml each, so…microdosing. 2.5mg THC, 1mg THCa, 1mg CBD each. Two capsules thirty minutes before eating, two immediately after, and another two in between (basically two every three hours) because a girl can only drink so much tea. The upside to (consistent) microdosing is that it ensures a steady supply of cannabinoids, ideally with the next dose kicking in just as the previous is preparing to wear off. Small doses ensure minimal psychoactivity, even with the conversion of delta-9-THC to the more potent 11-hydroxy-THC that happens in the liver.

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