Racism in the Cannabis Industry

Screencap from Jay-Z and Molly Crabapple’s The War On Drugs: From Prohibition to Gold Rush video. It’s been really interesting watching the story of #permitpatty go from Instagram, to Facebook, to the Trevor Noah show. I’m not particularly a fan of callout culture, as I think it does more harm than good. Racism sucks no doubt, but this event shed as much light on the ACTUAL racism issues in the Cannabis industry as it got right what Treatwell Health (Patty’s company) sells – for the record, the company being reported as selling “Cannabis for pets” sells 9 tinctures formulated for humans, and only 2 for animals. That makes it a Cannabis company, no specification needed. Racism in the Cannabis industry is not a frazzled CEO calling the cops on an eight year old. Racism in the Cannabis industry is the past two decades primarily Caucasian cultivators have spent utilizing the medical, black market, and now recreational markets, while the war on drugs has disproportionally jailed their sub/urban distribution channels. This isn’t to say cultivators and white distributors haven’t also been targeted, but the two are not the same. In any other industry, 10+ years of experience equates to a high-level job. In the Cannabis industry, 10+ years of experience likely means you got your start in prohibition. If you make it through those years with no slipups and move to a non-prohibition state, you’re golden. More often than not though, millennial entrepreneurs got caught up in some dumb shit when they were barely adults and are now barred from the industry as a result. Doing time in a prohibition state to be exiled in a legal one will never add up. Since I’m already on the uncomfortable tip and it’s repeatedly relevant – gun control. All I’m saying is that medical Cannabis patients have had ZERO problem going to the doctor yearly to verify that they need access to a PLANT. Why is the idea of going for a yearly psych-eval in order to own a LETHAL WEAPON such an atrocity? Guns should be under heavier regulation than Cannabis. The end. #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #racism #warondrugs #blacklivesmatter