The Endocannabinoid System for Medicine Makers

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So, why is this course so important?


Seriously. I want you to know that you can do this. No one understands what you feel like you except for you – how frustrating is it trying to describe the “kind and level of pain you’re having”. Understanding the Endocannabinod System, the role it plays in regulating the Central Nervous & Immune Systems, and how we can use it to achieve relief is the first step to Healing with Cannabis. The day I was diagnosed I went directly from the doctor to the dispensary down the street, one that’s been voted #bestofsantacruz the last four years in a row. It was going to be weeks before my insurance agreed to cover my prescriptions hefty copay, and I just wanted to eat a real meal. A quick google search in the parking lot turned up little info to help. The budtender, in response to my new diagnosis, apologized for not knowing more and showed me their highest potency flower. Impressive, but not the answer I needed. That’s how I ended up here (with a few bumps and bruises along the way). I learned this information because I needed to, and any information I throw your way after this will make SO much more sense if you truly understand how this medicine is used by our bodies. The course is short + to the point. Do yourself (+ the people you care about) a favor and take this weekend to learn some things! Still have questions after? Hit me up, I’m happy to help