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Understanding CBD with Coffee vs. Espresso

I want to be clear – it’s not that I have anything *against* CBD – I just think that it gets marketed wrong…a lot.

The #1 thing I got asked at Spirit Weavers Gathering was why CBD worked so well for someone’s friend, but wasn’t doing anything for their symptoms. Since hemp derived CBD (the kind that’s legal everywhere) interacts indirectly with the ECS – supplementing it moreso than directly activating it – how well it works is going to vary based on the current state of an individual’s ECS.

Think about it like coffee. Hemp CBD (less than 0.3% THC in the US) is your standard pour over; it’s great for weekend mornings when there’s minimal urgency to get caffeinated. Adding THC to the mix is like upping your morning cup to a red-eye – some days you just need that shot of espresso to get you going. You can even think of the ratios of mg CBD:THC in terms of “number of shots” – 20:1 = 1 shot, 10:1 = double shot, 5:1 = triple, 1:1 = you’re definitely awake. Before you drop bank on a bottle of full spectrum hemp CBD (if you’re buying it, that full spectrum part is important – but if it lists THC or CBN in the list of cannabinoids, don’t buy it because they’re playing you with buzz words) take a minute to truly analyze your life. If you’re the type of person that eats well, exercises regularly, and is up on all the self-care trends – CBD is likely to be a great addition to your life. On the flip, if it’s been a few years since you’ve had a vacation, or your body is taxed from an autoimmune disease causing it to fight itself, you’re more likely to need that extra shot. For the record, I thought of this coffee analogy while smoking + watering. Let me know if it makes sense IRL or if I’m just high. Also cold brew all day every day because less acidic = easier on the stomach.

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